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Trifold Brochure Design

Brochure Design Trifold Trifold Brochure is one of the effective marketing tools. It can be handed out, put in a brochure rack, or easily mailed. I offer to design trifold brochure that will captivate your reader and make them want to open the brochure. You need to provide your own high resolution photos in JPG, or PNG. I also might be able to provide some pictures for no extra cost or recommend you photos and images from Stock Photo Websites that you need to purchase if you are interested to go that way.
There are Trifold Brochure design packages for you to choose, if you have a good quality design and you like to use it, you could choose the Pre-Designed Package that offer this service, or you may choose a Pre-Designed Trifold from Pre-Designed Trifold Brochure page. Or order an exclusive original Custom Design Trifold Brochure, that is only for your Business or Event needs to be design for you using Standard Package. You receive your Final Trifold Brochure in CMYK color mode for Print in many file formats depends to your Design Package Order in PSD, PNG, JPG, and PDF.

Trifold Brochure Packages

PRE-DESIGNED  - Individually priced, refer to detail page for every design

  • Pre-Designed Trifold
  • Select a Pre-Designed Trifold or provide Your Own Trifold Design in PSD file
  • 5 Revisions
  • 3 days to complete
  • $25 Advance Payment
  • Fee remainder After Customization
  • Non-Exclusive
  • Final files in PNG, JPG, and PDF formats in CMYK color mode, 4 files in Total

STANDARD        AU$250

  • 1 Design Concept
  • 10 Revisions
  • 5 days to complete
  • $50 Advance Payment
  • $100 After Design Concept Given
  • $100 After Completion of Design
  • Exclusive Right
  • Final files in PSD, PNG, JPG, and PDF formats in CMYK color mode, 4 files in Total

Brochure Designs Business PRE-DESIGNED - Select a Trifold Brochure Design from Pre-Designed Trifold Brochure or provide your own Trifold Brochure Design in PSD file format and I customize your file with your contents. Please refer to detail page for your selected design to know all available modification possible. You need to provide your Logo and Photos in CMYK, or RGB (the colors might slightly different on print) color mode with 300dpi in one of following file formats PSD, AI, EPS, PNG, or JPG. However all Graphics and Photos used at all my Pre-Designed Files are included free of charge if you like to use them.

Brochure Business Designs STANDARD - I design an original custom design Trifold Brochure according to your detail brief. The better you explain your design requirements, I am able to design the brochure very close to what you are looking for. You have ten revisions after I submit my initial design to be improved further with your feedbacks.

Order Form

You require to fill the following form to order a Trifold Brochure Design, or send me an email with your Trifold Brochure Design requirements, also you need to pay advance payment amount through PayPal for your selected design Package. Please use an Online Storage and File Sharing site such as (Dropbox, 4shared, ADrive) for submitting your Photos, Logo, Text Contents and your own Pre-Designed Template in case you are ordering a Pre-Designed package with your own PSD file, and any other file that is too large to be send by email. If you have any question about Trifold Brochure Design packages and order, please contact me first.

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* A) Select a Trifold Brochure Design Package to order.
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* E) Do you have any preference of how the brochure text contents to be layout on 6 panels?
(Think about the order of information as indicated on right hand side figure. Both the front cover that is the most important panel (1) and back panel that usually use for contact information (2) are visible without opening the brochure. Then, the inner fold (3) becomes visible, at the same time the start of the inner left (4) is revealed and then (5). The inside, inner fold (6) is the last section to be seen)
If you prefer I layout your contents, enter all your Text on Next Question labeled as G).
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* F) Enter all your Text contents that must be included in Trifold Brochure

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G) Describe your Trifold Brochure Design Requirments in Details (or Pre-Designed ID and Name)
Try to consider following points:
Design Style (eg: Modern, Traditional, Florish, Curves, Geometric, Stripe, Vintage, Simple, Abstract, . . .)
Colors (Which colors must be in your Trifold Brochure and which colors must not be in your Design)
Font Style (Serif, Roman, Old Fashion, 50s, 20s, Modern, Script, . . .)
Give Example by Website address or include files for sending to me

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Method Of Payment

Payment can be made by any Credit or Debit Cards (Master Card, Visa, American Express, ...) and PayPal through PayPal Payment System. Please use the PayPal button in this page for Payment.