Minimal Brochure Design

Design ID: Design B003
Size: 8.5"X11"
Specification: Print Ready, CMYK color mode, 300dpi, 0.25" Bleeds added, 3 Colors Variation
Description: Simple Minimalistic Designs Corporate Brochure to be updated with your Contents and Photos.
Photos used in this Brochure are high quality and high resolution images that are included in design free of charge if you like to use them, There are four design options for single-sided or double-sided brochure to choose from with three different colors.
Price: AU$45 Single-sided
AU$65 Double-sided.
Pre-Designed Order So Far: 0

Designer: Shahrzad Jahangirian
Appropriate for: Architectural Designs, Investment Group, Art Events and Museum, Interior Design

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