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Fleur De Lis

ID: 050
Description: Fleur De Lis is a french word that means flower of the lily. The famous Fleur De Lis symbol is stylized lily or lotus flower. It is said to tell light, perfection and life.
Designer: Shahrzad Jahangirian
Price: AU$100
Exclusive Right (Sold only once, after sale the logo will be removed from Website)
Included: A logo purchase includes update of Text Logo, Color and any other changes that you like to have. You have 10 revisions and your Logo will be ready in 2 days.
Specification: Resizable Vector Logo, 300dpi Resolution, Designed in two color modes of CMYK for Print and RGB for Digital Display. The badge and Fleur De Lis symbols are vector based and high quality. Logo can be enlarged to any size with no loss in quality. Logo Text are fictional and for presentation only.
File Formats: Vector EPS, Photoshop PSD, JPG, and PNG. You receive eight files in total in two color modes.
Usage ideas: Any types of French Business, Art and Design, Florist and Flower Shop, Interior Design and Decoration

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